Typos and traffic

I just discovered interesting thing – to my shame I misspelled word “developer” (as in web developer) on my web site and for a while I was advertising myself as “web developmer“. Bad for me I guess. But interesting thing, when checking statistics, I get better position in the search results as a developMer – just because there is not a lot of pages with same typo. Just to compare – when I search for the web developer it returns over 56 millions of pages and for web developmer it’s only 4500. So, I guess if I add more words like this to my page saying that I do dtabase desing and php programing as well as software analitics, I have good chance to pop up higher in Google search results. The question is, however, do I really want people to see pages with those typos and if those people will be willing to hire guy with spelling like that and no attention to details. Well, I guess some people won’t notice, but probably I don’t really want to take a chance – so fixing the spelling and having a good laugh. At least I still have a blog entry with developmer in it!