How to change Magento domain name

When you need to move Magento store to another domain name, there is one issue which, according to forums, costed developers hours of frustration. And the issue is domain name which is stored in Magento configuration tables. So, if you … Continued

Nightmare of PHP programmer: include_once fails

For a moment it was looking like our project got haunted. Suddenly we started getting errors from the libraries being included twice, function exists and class exits kind of error. First few times it was written off as a “honest” … Continued

PHP ftp_connect causing Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

Pretty strange issue and I had hard time to Google it up, so here you go, fellow PHP developers. PHP script which was doing ftp_connect was failing on some installations with Segmentation Fault (core dumped) message. After quite a bit … Continued

Eclipse too slow and out of memory

Looks like Eclipse PDT was getting quite slow on me, it thinks sometimes 10-15 seconds when I switch between files or save one. My current project is not small one, but still… Looking around for a solutions I found quite … Continued

Joomla profiling log

I am using Joomla for the content management, and it looks like my site is getting slow, no, not just slow, it’s SLOW. Quick check in the MySQL database showed that there is no really big tables which could cause … Continued

Typos and traffic

I just discovered interesting thing – to my shame I misspelled word “developer” (as in web developer) on my web site and for a while I was advertising myself as “web developmer“. Bad for me I guess. But interesting thing, … Continued

Windows Application in PHP???

Quite an interesting idea – to execute PHP scripts in Windows as regular exe. Behind the scenes it uses IE component, but there is no IE toolbars and you have a control on windows your application uses. Also you can … Continued