Freelance PHP positions

Do you know PHP and thinking about getting some freelance job? You are not alone for sure, freelancing is a good way to get an extra income, to get started building your portfolio or to stop coming to the office … Continued

Check Google webmaster tools now

The biggest traffic source for the web site is search engines traffic. There is a lot what can be written on search engine optimization (SEO). But I just realized that often web masters or web site owners missing quite important … Continued

How to run IE 6, 7 and 8 on the same computer

If you are doing web development, then you know that you need to have all recent versions of the IE browser to troubleshoot your sites. Here is one way to have them all, thanks to Edskes Software collection – just … Continued

Multiple File Uploaders

I’ve being working with the application where users can post their property listings and then upload unlimited number of photos for their property. As the web site has being around for quite a few years, previous solution was straight forward … Continued