Hiring Freelancer vs Employee

When I am looking for web development projects I often see an ads when company is looking for someone they call “Web designer” who is supposed to develop website including graphics, user interface, programming, content and then make sure website will be well placed in Google and have an avalanche of visitors. And salary range is, well, limited :) So, guess what? It’s just doesn’t make any sense. It’s same as getting a handyman to build the house alone on the empty lot. It will take ages to build and you won’t get the same result as your neighbor who got a builders company to build their house.

Need a guru on entry level employee budget

It may sound attractive to spend same amount of money and get someone full time, but that may be not the most efficient use of the money. If work really requires high level of knowledge and experience and there is a lot of stake, it only makes sense to get call a high level expert. You won’t get them to spend 40 hours in your office, but they don’t really need to. It’s surprising how much time is wasted in the office environment and how much faster the same work will be done by the person with a lot of experience in the subject. And quality will be noticeably better too. Just make sure you picked up right person!

Jack of all trades

Smaller companies often do not have boundaries where responsibilities end, so everyone has to wear a lot of hats. In web design it may one “webmaster” guy or girl who is doing graphics, programming, server administration, marketing, etc, etc. Probably there are people who can do it all, but then they don’t have time for all those tasks and they are sure not experts in all of those areas, just stop kidding yourself. Getting freelancers who specialize in desired fields will be an easy answer. You don’t need to fill all of those positions full time, you get work done on pay-as-you-go budget and you may do not need to worry that someone doesn’t have enough work and create tasks just to keep people busy.

Team work

Freelancers do have connections. You can get a freelancer to lead the project and get more freelancers on board when/if necessary. There are tasks which may be done by mid or entry level specialist as long as they are guided by someone who knows how it should be done. Every specialist will know what kind of work they are best at and when it’s time to call a fellow freelancer to help with the area where another expertise is required. Experienced freelancers always have connections with other professionals, so it is an easy way to build a team instantly and you will know that team can work well together.


Make it real, get an expertise you need – call a freelancer. You will get better bang for you buck!

This post id dedicated to International Freelancers Day.